World leader in temperature, pressure and relative humidity

World leader in temperature, pressure and relative humidity

VDH training courses will continue in 2020!

New generation control systems such as the VDH MC3 systems are becoming increasingly accurate and have more functionalities. The number of parameters is increasing and the way of connecting and commissioning is completely different from older systems. This makes new systems more advanced, but also more complex. Therefore, more specific knowledge required for the use of new systems.

In 2019 we started offering courses for various VDH systems, especially for the Proba ripening systems. These courses offer you specific knowledge necessary for an efficient control and operation of the system. We are very honoured to see that customers from all parts of the world participate in these courses. A big Thank You for all the participants that we have received in the past year!

“We believe that collaboration and knowledge sharing leads to better efficiency and therefore better results.”

Given this great success and interest we have decided to continue these courses in 2020. In addition to ripening fruit, we also offer courses for cooling and storing different types of fruit (apples / pears, etc.) using the MC3-Fruit system. Special attention is given to the MC3-SC control systems for the machine room.

A distinction is made between a course for end users and a course for installers. Courses are given individually per client, which has a rather big impact on scheduling the attendees. For this reason we would like to ask you to indicate in time when you want to participate in a course. Sessions start from mid-January.

A few aspects that will be discussed:

  • connecting hardware
  • making IO settings
  • installing software
  • operating the software
  • using parameters
  • making ripening programs
  • trouble shooting
  • maintenance & servicing

Following a training course ensures that you acquire special knowledge that is transferred to you by our R&D specialists. Many people who have followed the course indicate that they consider the knowledge to be very essential and insightful!

Often the workshop is combined with a ripening course given by Popma Fruit Expertise. Learning you all about the ripening of fruit to get the best quality possible!

Popma Fruit Expertise is advising the best ripening facilities in the world, who rely on the advice and knowledge of Popma Fruit Expertise.

A few aspects:

  • introduction ripening technology
  • Setup/layout ripening room
  • consequences of wrong settings
  • Making ripening programs
  • quality improvement of fruit
  • external influences
  • influence of certain parameters
  • consequences of wrong settings quality improvement
  • etc. etc. etc….

Do you want to optimally use the VDH systems and want to acquire the specific knowledge to enhance the quality of fruit? Schedule an appointment by mailing to or just give us a call at +31 50 3028900.

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