World leader in temperature, pressure and relative humidity

World leader in temperature, pressure and relative humidity

The importance of corporate social responsibility

As a worker at VDH Products in Roden you are never bored. Each and every day the worldwide and leading manufacturer of precise control systems is extremely busy and industrious. Despite this daily hustle and bustle there is always personal attention for each member of staff. 'We look at the possibilities of our employees, not the limitations.’

José Marinus is HR manager at VDH Products and knows like no other the importance of emphasising the positive aspects of an individual. ‘The government sometimes imposes or sets limitations that do not reflect reality. In the almost 23 years that I have been working at VDH it has become clear to me that it is not what someone can’t do well or not at all that matters but rather emphasising what someone is good at through a positive attitude or investment in courses. And that automatically results in higher productivity and even perhaps better turnover.’

Backbone of company
Or as Marinus observes: ‘The success of an organisation starts with the people. They form the backbone. You could have fine business premises, but without dedication and the right people you won’t get anywhere.’ VDH, manufacturer of precise control systems (in all cases where temperature, pressure and relative humidity are the key focus), started in 2017 to professionalise the HR department and prepare it for the future. Marinus: ‘Just consider new job profiles, an organisation chart and sustainable deployment as important themes. In addition to delivering quality to our customers, we also need to deliver quality to the internal organisation as well.’
All individuals at VDH are offered a good work environment where they can develop. ‘The fact that VDH is well known for the long years of service of the people who work there of course says something about the company,’ concludes Marinus. ‘As HR manager I am in my element when I can contribute to the growth and development of our workers.’

Disadvantaged on the employment market
Each day Marinus works on issues such as personnel policy, absenteeism due to illness, personnel administration in accordance with legislation and regulations, coordinating work placements and people with a disability disadvantaged on the employment market, etc. ‘As a company you have to adhere to certain regulations and legislation, such as the Quota Act and Participation Act. The Quota Act stipulates that all employers with more than 25 employees have to employ a certain percentage from this target group. At VDH we now have two Sheltered Workplace members of staff working with us, one of whom has been at the VDH for more than 10 years. We also currently employ our first young person with a disability (Wajong). We now look at the possibilities for each vacancy.

‘You have to look at the possibilities, not the limitations’

Marinus of course realises that these employees do require a different approach than ‘regular colleagues’. ‘Most candidates come with their own baggage, but we for example use an external special coach to guide these candidates.’
Marinus has recently visited various sheltered workplaces, established connections and invited people (including the Employed Person’s Insurance Administration Agency – the UWV – and the City Council) in order to investigate what VDH may need. But in particular: what the possibilities are.



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