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The customer speaks: ‘Rowit’

‘The customer speaks’ is a regular feature on the VDH site that puts the customer in the spotlight. Our products and solutions find their way to a wide range of markets and applications all over the world. Applications that we all use in one way or another but are sometimes unaware of. We really enjoy hearing what our customers have to say. So who are those special VDH customers and why have they chosen VDH? We’re proud to announce that ‘Rowit’ is in the spotlight in this issue!

Rowit Spuitkabines Kampen Holland BV (‘Rowit’ for short) is a clear market leader when it comes to the design and production of custom-designed spray booths. Managing Director Anne Jongstra: “With our innovative designs and high-quality technology, we actually save our customers a lot of time and money. Because Rowit produces results, now and in the future.”

Luxury yacht
Innovative company Rowit is active in five sectors. These are: industry, automotive, yacht-building, composite and leasing. Jongstra: “Our customers include very reputable organisations that operate in a large number of industries and sectors. So we’re very proud to have implemented so many challenging and interesting projects.”

Since Rowit was founded in 1978, it has supplied countless numbers of spray booths to a wide range of industries and sectors. “From coffee machines to cars and from aircraft components to luxury yachts; when they’re sprayed, dried or hardened in a Rowit booth they’re always smoother, stronger and more durable,” Jongstra proudly states. “This is a good illustration of Rowit’s knowledge and experience.
VDH has the same level of knowledge and experience, and we’ve been working together to everybody’s satisfaction since both companies were founded.”

Optimal cooperation
Rowit is constantly looking for energy-efficient solutions and innovations. As a result, the equipment it produces is the most advanced and energy-efficient on the market. VDH manufactures customised control cabinets in collaboration with Kampen-based Rowit. The two companies have been working closely together for many years.

Asked which three keywords Rowit would use to describe VDH, Jongstra is quick to reply: “Reliable, flexible and very approachable. For us, VDH is more of a partner than a supplier. We supply the systems and VDH supplies the software and control cabinets. We hope to continue on the same friendly footing with each other for many years to come.”

Rowit Spuitkabines Kampen Holland BV
Ertsstraat 6
8263 BN Kampen
Postbus 163
8260 AD Kampen
T +31 (0)38-3315648

Contact Jacco Smid,
telephone number+31(0)50 3028900

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