Service & Support

From Monday to Friday, the Service & Support department of VDH Products can be reached during the following times for help and support.

Regular Service & Support times

Monday            08:00 – 16:00h
Tuesday           08:00 – 16:00h
Wednesday      08:00 – 16:00h
Thursday          08:00 – 16:00h
Friday               08:00 – 15:00h
Saturday          closed
Sunday            closed

In certain cases it may be that a request, which is reported at the end of the day, is scheduled for the next day. This with the exception of urgent cases.To provide the best possible support, we distinguish between ‘basic support’ and ‘extensive support’.

Basic support
Basic support is for simple and easy to resolve requests, for which a time frame of a maximum of one hour is used. Basic support is provided by our technical experts. This form of support involves free support, both by telephone and online.

Extensive support
Extensive support concerns matters that require special attention and for which a Support Ticket is created. Extensive support involves individual support for complex requests for troubleshooting and errors. This form of support is provided by specialized technical experts. These usually concern cases in which a longer time frame is used. This form of support is in accordance with basic support, a free support, both by telephone and online. It is possible that costs are charged for certain requests. This is indicated before the support.

We use Teamviewer to answer your questions quickly and offer you online support. With this software tool we can connect to your system to offer you the best support. On the website of VDH Products you can easily download the Teamviewer program via the following link.

Download Teamviewer

Outside regular service & support times
Error messages and malfunctions also occur outside the regular service & support times mentioned above. In order to provide the best service and support, VDH Products is also at your disposal outside the service & support times. In case of critical failures, our service & support department can be contacted via the VDH Products general telephone number via a menu. In order to come into contact with the Service & Support department, it is necessary to first try to investigate or isolate the relevant problem / problem. We request to report malfunctions as early as possible.

Please note, also outside the regular Service & Support times, a distinction is made between basic support and extensive support. Higher rates are used outside the regular Service & Support times!

Service on location/commissioning
The professional commissioning contributes to an optimal functioning of VDH systems and of course a satisfied customer. The systems of VDH Products are known for their simplicity and are designed in such a way that you, as an installer, can easily do this yourself.

Employees of the Service & Support department can offer you support via telephone support or online by logging in to your system.

If you would like to request on-site support for a commissioning service or a malfunction where we cannot help you by telephone, you can also hire us for it. VDH Products also offers you a commissioning service as extra support. VDH Products assists installers with the commissioning of VDH systems. This does not concern installation work, but guidance during the start-up, testing and adjustment of the VDH systems.

What can you expect from us during a start-up?

• We check the installed VDH systems for proper
• Linking hardware with the software
• Support the setting of specific parameters / settings
• Install the VASP software

The Service & Support department makes the decision whether the support takes place on location or online.
For a smooth and efficient operation of the commissioning service it is important that the installation meets a number of essential conditions.. At least three weeks prior to commissioning, the Service & Support department of VDH Products must be contacted. In this way, it is possible to check at an early stage whether certain items are not included and you can anticipate this in time.
Commissioning takes place on the basis of best-effort. An application for commissioning must be done in writing. After receiving your request, our Service & Support department will contact you.

Cost and times
You can hire us per day, one day support costs euro 1080,00 (excluding travel and accommodation costs) and means that during the above mentioned service & support times we will carry out work on location for you. If the installation does not meet the conditions, as described above, it may be that we do not carry out the commissioning, or that additional working hours are charged.

How much time is required for commissioning or service visit depends on the work and preparation. The work must be possible within the Service & Support times, if more time is required, than additional work hours will be charged. These will be invoiced to you at euro 135.00 per hour on the basis of actual costing.

In addition to telephone support at the above mentioned Service & Support times, it is also possible to follow a free training / workshop at VDH Products, so that you have the necessary knowledge of the VDH systems and can easily give the best support to your customers. This is also a good ‘training on the job’, so that you can do it yourself next time. In general, a training / workshop lasts a day. This knowledge enables you to install VDH systems simply and efficiently.

However, if you do not use this free service, it can occur that costs are charged when providing support. VDH Products systems must be installed at all times by qualified personnel.

You can arrange an appointment for a training / workshop in consultation with the sales department or service & support department of VDH Products.

For information about problems with the installation of VDH Products, please refer to the manual supplied with the controller. Manuals can also be found on the VDH Products website.

If you have any other questions, please contact our office. By phone: +31 (0) 50 302 89 00 or by email