Spray booth

VDH Products BV, a specialist in measurement and control equipment, offers comprehensive control systems that are crucial for the precise management of spray processes in industries such as Automotive, yacht building, bodywork, construction and machinery, interior construction, and aviation.

Our systems provide complete control over your spray booths, including advanced switchboards. Whether it's about pressure and temperature controls, drying functions, or integration with building management systems, VDH Products delivers everything you need for efficient management of your spray processes.

Integrated Pressure and Temperature Control

A key aspect of our systems is the integrated approach to pressure and temperature management. This allows for fine-tuning, even under challenging conditions such as indoor spray booths, where air pressure is kept neutral relative to the outside air pressure.

Special Projects and Customization

VDH is your partner in tackling unique challenges. Our expertise enables us to carry out special projects, including systems that control temperatures up to 140°C, or advanced monitoring controls for critical processes that must be operational non-stop.
Our systems are specially developed with the end-user in mind. Adjusting settings, programming different scenarios, and maintaining a clear overview is a breeze thanks to our user-friendly interfaces. You enjoy complete insight and control.

Extensive Knowledge and Network

At VDH Products BV, we build technology and relationships. We work closely with specialists and end-users and have an extensive international network, ensuring you always have access to the best experts.

Complete Solutions

In addition to our control systems, we offer a wide range of additional products such as temperature and humidity sensors. We also take care of the engineering and production of complete switchboards, providing you with a total solution for the control of your processes.

Future-Oriented and Sustainable:

Choose VDH Products BV for future-proof, energy-saving, and sustainable solutions. Replace your old systems and optimize your spray processes with our state-of-the-art technology. Our spray booth control systems are installed at top companies in Europe, Russia, and Canada, including names like Scania, van Hool, VDL Nedcar, Fokker, Skoda, and many others.

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