As a manufacturer of high-quality measuring and control equipment, VDH has established a solid and reliable position in the refrigeration technology sector, strengthened by our unparalleled expertise and extensive experience. For over forty years, we have been delivering a comprehensive range of refrigeration controllers for both commercial and industrial cooling applications, symbolizing durability and technological refinement.

Our Expertise - Your Trust

Discover the precision behind our high-quality control systems, ranging from simple thermostats to advanced electronic controllers. At VDH Products, each product is the result of extensive research, designed to meet your specific needs in various sectors such as refrigerated warehouses, supermarkets, fruit cultivation, agriculture, maritime shipping, reefers, transport refrigeration, food industry, hospitals, and building climate control.

Custom Solutions

VDH is synonymous with customization and quality. Whether it's a simple thermostat, an electronic expansion valve controller, or a complex machine room control; our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your specific operational requirements. Recognized worldwide for their quality and ease of use, our controllers are not just products but total solutions that emerge from close collaboration with our customers.

Innovation through Collaboration

At VDH, we understand that true innovation comes from collaboration. In addition to our broad and deep range of standard products, we take pride in our customized solutions, developed in close collaboration with you, taking into account the unique circumstances and challenges of your industry.

Pushing Boundaries

Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to constantly explore new technologies. Our advanced R&D department is equipped with state-of-the-art techniques and programs, all focused on developing the next generation of refrigeration solutions that will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Complete Solutions

At VDH, we not only offer controllers for refrigeration technology but also a range of related products to optimize your processes. Discover our temperature sensors, humidity sensors, thermometers, and manometers that seamlessly integrate with your application.

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Discover how our solutions can transform your refrigeration processes. Contact us today and let VDH be your partner in navigating towards a cooler, more efficient future.

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VASP is the ultimate management and information system that gives you full control over all your systems, enriched with in-depth data logging and advanced alarm functionalities. VASP transforms the data from your connected systems into directly accessible real-time process information. This powerful system operates on a dedicated server or computer that seamlessly communicates with all connected interfaces and controllers.

With VASP, all ongoing processes become not only visible but also manageable. It allows you to monitor your operations with extreme precision and make immediate adjustments where necessary.