Process and engineering

VDH Products is all about top-quality measuring instruments. The product range has both breadth and depth, consisting of high-quality pressure gauges, thermometers, hygrometers, sensors, timers and control units, including all the accessories.

Measuring instruments from VDH Products stand out for their high level of quality, making them the tool of choice in many industrial sectors throughout the world. They have been designed and built to provide optimum performance. At VDH Products, the focus is on reliability and durability, with no compromises.
After all, there’s a very good reason why we’re the number one choice worldwide in so many industrial segments.

At home in technology

Because we are an authority on temperature, air pressure and relative humidity, VDH Products is continually sharing its knowledge with its customers. We are pleased to be able to use the know-how that we have accumulated in order to help take worries out of the customers’ hands. You can see VDH Products as your own, outsourced engineering team. VDH Products gives you access to the products and expertise that you need for successfully winning complete projects. You are in control with VDH Products!

Pressure gauges

VDH Products offers a wide range of top-quality gauges for e.g. cooling technology and industrial purposes: diaphragm pressure gauges, sanitary pressure gauges and differential pressure gauges. All pressure gauges from VDH Products are glycerine-filled by default and have sturdy casings made of deep-drawn stainless steel. They are designed and produced in our own factory – that’s your quality guarantee.
All our pressure gauges comply with EN 837-1.


VDH Products is your perfect partner for thermometers as well. VDH Products offers thermometers with fixed sensors, or capillary, liquid and nitrogen-filled thermometers as well as digital thermometers with square or rectangular profiles.

Made-to-measure and made to measure…

As well as top quality, VDH Products offers you flexibility. VDH Products is also good at developing made-to-measure solutions, from pressure gauges and thermometers to complete switching panels.
The knowledge and experience available at VDH Products and the advanced R&D facilities make VDH Products the ideal partner for all your instrumentation.

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