Process and engineering

With over 40 years of experience, we are the authority in temperature, pressure, and relative humidity. At VDH Products, everything revolves around uncompromising reliability and sustainability. We specialize in developing and manufacturing mechanical instruments such as various types of thermometers and manometers, and we take pride in our products being the top choice worldwide in numerous industrial sectors.

Manometers and Thermometers

Our high-quality manometers are designed and manufactured in our own factory, ensuring top quality. Whether it's refrigeration, industrial applications, diaphragm manometers, sanitary manometers, or differential manometers, our manometers come standard filled with glycerine and have a robust stainless-steel case. They comply with the EN 837-1 standard and are built for optimal performance.

VDH is your perfect partner when it comes to thermometers. We offer a wide range of options, including thermometers with fixed sensors, capillary, liquid-filled, and nitrogen-filled thermometers, as well as digital thermometers with square or rectangular profiles. Our thermometers are designed to meet your specific needs.

Custom Measurement Instruments

In addition to our standard products, we also offer custom solutions. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge, advanced R&D facilities, and years of experience, we can develop measurement instruments that perfectly fit your unique projects. Whether it's individual manometers and thermometers or complete control panels, we are here for you.

Your Partner in Successful Projects

At VDH, we continuously share our knowledge with our customers. We are happy to act as your external engineering team, providing you with the products and expertise you need to successfully complete your projects. With VDH Products, you are in control!

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