Fruit storage

Controlled cooling and storage of both hard and soft fruit (and other products) is a very carefully controlled process in which the temperature, humidity, ventilation, thawing etc. are regulated very precisely.

For more than 25 years, VDH Products has been providing a variety of systems worldwide for the fruit sector so that various processes can be controlled and the quality of the fruit ensured.
The control systems are developed by VDH Products and produced under our own management.

Ultra-low oxygen control equipment

Storing fresh fruit is a precise process for which a range of techniques are available. VDH Products supplies special control equipment e.g. for ULO (ultra-low oxygen) cells, ensuring that fruit can be stored for long periods without quality deterioration of any kind occurring.
This makes it possible for you to store your product until the best possible delivery moment!

At home in the fruit industry

VDH Products develops its products with a view to guaranteed superior performance: the product does just what it is supposed to do. And that is combined with durability and ease of use.
VDH Products stands for quality, pure and simple. That is why VDH Products has been a global leading brand in high-quality measuring and control systems for more than 35 years.

Sharing knowledge

VDH Products has built up a great deal of knowledge about storing various types of fruit – the do's and don’ts of the fruit industry. VDH Products is in close contact with specialists, end users and universities so that it can acquire knowledge and be capable of implementing product innovations in new control systems and new software releases. VDH Products places a great deal of value on long-term relationships in which both parties benefit, with the bottom line being that a better end product is obtained.

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