Fruit Storage

With over 35 years of experience in the fruit storage industry, VDH is known for its passion and expertise in delivering high-quality measuring and control equipment. Our deep commitment to quality and sustainability has earned us a renowned international reputation. Discover the benefits of our advanced fruit storage systems and experience how they can revolutionize your processes.

Your partner for fruit storage

VDH Products BV is not just a manufacturer; we are your partner in success. Our fruit storage systems are developed in close collaboration with consultants, users, and specialized institutions, resulting in systems perfectly tailored to your specific needs. Thanks to our ongoing development process, our systems always stay ahead with regular updates, new features, and advanced capabilities.

Precision and flexibility

Our fruit storage solutions are industry-leading and your secret to perfect product preservation, with every essential factor such as temperature and humidity being accurately controlled. With VDH technology, you can store your product for an extended period without compromising on quality.

Optimal control with MC3-Fruit and MC2-FC Controllers

Enjoy simplicity and ease of use with our MC3-Fruit and MC2-FC controllers, designed for maximum flexibility and control. Our systems, known for their durability and low energy costs, provide an economical solution for your storage needs.

Discover our MC3-Fruit controller, the heart of a high-quality storage system. Manage up to 5 cells with a single controller. Its flexible programming and expansion options make it a perfect match. For smaller applications, our MC2-FC controller offers the perfect balance between simplicity and performance. Temperature, humidity, CO2, defrosting, and ventilation - every aspect of your storage environment is meticulously controlled by VDH fruit controllers down to the smallest detail.

User-friendliness of our systems is a priority. Adjusting settings, programming different scenarios, and maintaining an overview are a breeze with our intuitive interfaces. Our open system architecture gives you complete control without relying on external programmers or installers.

Extensive knowledge and network:

At VDH, we not only build advanced systems but also relationships. We work closely with specialists, end-users, and universities to continually improve our knowledge and products. Our international network ensures you have access to leading experts and installers.

Complete solutions

At VDH, we offer not only fruit storage solutions but also a range of related products to optimize your processes. Explore, for example, our temperature sensors and humidity sensors that seamlessly integrate with our fruit systems for a complete solution.

Want to easily replace your old FC 785-PC controllers with a new controller? It's easier and cheaper than you think!

The MC2-FC is the latest generation of storage regulators for hard and soft fruit. The parameters and settings are freely accessible, so you are not dependent on suppliers and installers. Like all VDH controllers, the MC2-FC is reliable, versatile, economical and easy to use and therefore the best option to replace older systems such as the FC 785-PC. With VDH you are simply in control.

Ready for the future

With VDH, you choose a future-proof solution. Replacing your old systems with our modern, energy-efficient, and sustainable solutions is easy and economical.
Discover today how VDH can be your partner in perfecting fruit storage. Reliable, innovative, and always in control – that's the promise of VDH.

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Your fruit, our technology. Together, we ensure your fruit is of the highest quality. Contact us and discover how VDH Products can be your ideal partner in achieving optimal product quality.

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VASP is the ultimate management and information system that gives you full control over all your systems, enriched with in-depth data logging and advanced alarm functionalities. VASP transforms the data from your connected systems into directly accessible real-time process information. This powerful system operates on a dedicated server or computer that seamlessly communicates with all connected interfaces and controllers.

With VASP, all ongoing processes become not only visible but also manageable. It allows you to monitor your operations with extreme precision and make immediate adjustments where necessary.