Fruit ripening

Ripening tropical fruit is a very carefully controlled process in which the temperature, humidity, ventilation, gas mix etc. are regulated very precisely.

Ripening control systems from VDH Products monitor and control the entire ripening process – from the moment that the unripe fruits arrive in the ripening rooms until they have ripened and can leave the ripening company again. This is a field where extreme precision is required in the control of temperature, air humidity, ventilation and gas admixture.
VDH Products is well-known in the fruit world. Our controllers combine quality and reliability with very simple operation.

Proba ripening controllers

The Proba ripening controller is an advanced system with more settings and options than any other ripening system on the market. It lets you keep full control of the ripening process.
At the same time, operating it is very straightforward and intuitive. Well-known ripening companies throughout the world work with Proba ripening controllers. In close cooperation with various specialists and end users, VDH Products has developed a number of successful systems and has since then already delivered more than 5,000 systems worldwide for controlling ripening rooms for e.g. bananas, mangoes and avocados.

Open system

Unlike many other systems, the Proba is not a PLC system in which the installer handles the regulation. The Proba ripening controller is an open system, so you are not dependent on particular installation companies. You can therefore implement new settings and changes yourself without additional installation costs.

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