Fruit ripening

At VDH, we are passionate when it comes to providing high-quality measuring and control equipment for the ripening industry. Our commitment to quality and sustainability has earned us a trusted reputation worldwide. Discover how our advanced Proba Ripening System can make a difference in your fruit ripening processes.

The power of the Proba ripening system

VDH's Proba Ripening System is the undisputed benchmark for the ripening of tropical fruits such as bananas, mangoes, avocados, and papayas. With precision down to the smallest details, the Proba ripening controller regulates essential factors such as temperature, humidity, gas, pressure, and ventilation.
Simplicity, unparalleled quality, and reliability are assured. Additionally, benefit from low energy costs, making VDH the optimal choice for efficient and cost-effective ripening.
With the Proba system, you are guaranteed optimal ripeness and quality of your fruit, every time.

Proba 5 controller and Proba 5 Compact controller

We offer both the Proba 5 and the Proba 5 Compact controller, so you have the choice that best suits your needs. The Proba 5 offers extensive functionality for the most demanding applications, while the Proba 5 Compact is a simpler option for those seeking efficient control with less complexity.

The advantage of an open system

Unlike many PLC systems, our Proba Ripening System is an open system, which means you are not dependent on the installer who programmed the system for you. You are in control of your system and can customize it as you see fit, while also being able to continue using your own installer. This offers you unparalleled flexibility and control.

Easy operation and ripening programs

Our Proba controllers are designed with ease of use in mind. It's surprisingly simple to create different ripening programs and save your specific recipes for reuse. You don't need extensive technical knowledge to take advantage of the advanced features of our system.

Complete solutions

At VDH, we offer not only Proba Ripening Controllers but also a range of related products to optimize your ripening processes. Discover our temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and pressure sensors that seamlessly integrate with our Proba system for a comprehensive ripening solution.

At VDH, we understand that your fruit ripening processes are of utmost importance to your business. That's why our experts are ready to help you find the right solutions for your specific needs. Over the years, we have built an international network of specialists. This allows us to offer you exclusive access to top installers, leading fruit ripening experts, and a range of other industry experts. Discover the added value of our network for your business.

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VASP is the ultimate management and information system that gives you full control over all your systems, enriched with in-depth data logging and advanced alarm functionalities. VASP transforms the data from your connected systems into directly accessible real-time process information. This powerful system operates on a dedicated server or computer that seamlessly communicates with all connected interfaces and controllers.

With VASP, all ongoing processes become not only visible but also manageable. It allows you to monitor your operations with extreme precision and make immediate adjustments where necessary.