Custom made

Throughout its existence, VDH Products has developed a product range with both breadth and depth, so that there is a solution for any application.

In addition to standard products, VDH Products also develops customized solutions. In some cases, custom-made products are derived from the standard solutions that VDH Products provides, but in most cases we are talking solutions that are genuinely 100% custom-built.
From the first design sketch through to creating the end product, everything is handled under one roof in our own factory in the Netherlands.

Knowledge and cooperation

For creating custom-made products, we are able to utilize the wide-ranging expertise that we have accumulated in a variety of market sectors. We work closely with other parties during the development processes. For example, we work with TÜV for the EMC and safety requirements to obtain approval and certification of the product. There is a well-known design agency that we can call upon for the correct product design, combined with the hardware, software and operation.

New products are often developed from scratch and we are part of our customers’ design team in almost all cases. Focusing on creating a solution, we work together towards the final product, using the latest techniques such as 3D designs for the hardware and modern software methods. VDH Products BV is an ISO 9001 certified company.
We work closely with renowned universities, such as WUR (Wageningen University) and RUG (Rijks Universiteit Groningen), as well as with affiliated companies.

The first choice in many sectors

VDH Products has a wide range of technology at its fingertips, techniques that can be utilized in the various products and solutions. Applications are made for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, for instance, and we can deliver a complete control centre for remote process monitoring and process control. Custom-made products are applied in the following branches:

  • refrigeration and deep-freeze technology
  • heating technology, drying technology, HVAC solutions
  • spraying booths
  • fruit ripening (bananas, tomatoes, mangoes, avocados, etc.)
  • fruit storage (apples, pears, soft fruits, chicory, carrots and potatoes)
  • heat reclamation systems
  • ventilation systems
  • refrigerated transport
  • process technology
  • geothermal systems
  • monitoring systems for milk cooling tanks
  • ultra-low temperature freezing systems (-100°C)
  • signage above motorways
  • electrical power systems in ambulances

Ask us a question

We will be delighted to use our know-how to advise you about the appropriate tools, systems and components for your application. Please contact us – with no obligation – for more information.