Climate control

Temperature, humidity, CO2 and ventilation are elements which are closely related when it comes to creating the desired indoor climate. VDH Products is an established name in the industry when it comes to measuring and control technology.

The technique of VDH Products is being developed to control HVAC systems as efficiently as possible without making any concessions to the quality of the environment.
VDH Products offers modern control systems and operating solutions which fit into the world of today and the future.

Ease of use

Installations can be controlled and adjusted locally by a control panel. If desired, a matching software package provides the ability to monitor or to control the installation from a computer, local or remote.
In addition, operation by a mobile app also belongs to the possibilities.

First choice in many sectors
The climate control systems of VDH Products are used in:

  • Breeding / storage of agricultural and horticultural products
  • climate control in school classrooms and buildings
  • Industrial ventilation
  • Medical areas
  • Bakery Applications
  • Seed Processing

VDH Products develops its products with warranted superior performance in mind. VDH interprets ‘superior performance’ as: doing exactly what the user wants/needs the equipment to do, combined with durability and ease-of-use.
This makes the meticulous process of cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification and ventilation to control to perfection.

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