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Repair work terms & conditions

Conditions of repair work by VDH Products BV, applicable to repair orders given to VDH Products BV.

1. Definitions
The following terms will be taken to have the meanings given below in these conditions of repair work:

VDH Products BV
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Any natural person or legal entity who submits a repair request to the Repairer.

All requests submitted either in writing or electronically by the Customer and accepted by the Repairer.

And electronic or mechanical tool produced by VDH Products BV.

2. Applicability
2.1. These repair conditions apply to all agreements between the Customer and Repairer regarding repairs made to products produced by the Repairer.

2.2. The General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery for the Technological Industry (“FME conditions”) are also applicable to repair orders; the Customer has received and acknowledged receipt of the FME conditions along with these terms and conditions.

3. Notification of repairs
3.1. Repairs can be notified using the appropriate forms. All the information that is required can be found on

3.2. If the Customer does not supply the required data or does not do so completely, VDH Products BV is entitled not to accept the notification or to apply additional charges.

4. Transport
4.1. The Customer is responsible for transportation (carriage paid) to the repairs department of the Repairer unless otherwise agreed. The products must be protected and safely packaged and labelled in line with the Repairer’s requirements. All the information that is required can be found inter alia on

4.2. The Repairer is responsible for the return shipment of the product unless otherwise agreed. The costs of transport and all other charges relating to the return shipment shall be borne by the Customer.

4.3. The Repairer will not accept shipments for which the carriage has not been paid or for which the sender is not stated.

5. Examination and Repair
5.1. When repairs are made, they will be based on the symptoms as described by the Customer. If there is no description or no clear description of the symptoms, defects as diagnosed by the Repairer will be repaired.

5.2. Repairs costing less than €99 will be carried out directly, without discussing them with the Customer beforehand.

5.3. Before repairs are carried out that will cost more than the amount stated in Article 5.2, the Repairer will investigate the possible causes of the defect that has been notified. Based on that, VDH Products BV will draw up as accurate a budget as possible.

5.4. The Repairer will only proceed to carry out the repairs after the Customer has given their agreement for the estimated budget.

5.5. If the Customer does not agree to the estimated budget or does not do so within 30 days of the date of that estimate, the Repairer is entitled to return the product to the Customer charging them the costs of the investigation.

5.6. If the Customer does not respond to the estimate within 30 days of the date of that estimate, the Repairer may interpret this as the Customer relinquishing its right to the product. The Repairer reserves the right to return the product, charging the costs of the investigation.

5.7. If the Repairer finds that the product is irreparably damaged and is not covered by any guarantee arrangements, the Repairer is entitled to return the product to the Customer, charging them the costs of the investigation.

6. Quality
6.1. The repair will use new parts, alternative parts, or (if this is customary in the case of a specific piece of equipment) exchanged parts.

6.2. A repair will be carried out in such a way that the equipment and then complies with the customary conformity requirements.

6.3. After the repair, the Customer will receive a repair docket giving a brief description of the work that was carried out.

7. Data
7.1. The Repairer reserves the right to reset electronic products that have been delivered back to the original factory settings. The consequence of this is that data and parameter settings for electronic equipment may be lost.

7.2. The Repairer shall under no circumstances be liable for the loss or swapping of data and parameter settings.

7.3. The Customer should make a backup of the data or parameter settings before dispatching the product for repair.

8. Force majeure
8.1. The Repairer cannot be held to any obligations with respect to the Customer if it is prevented from carrying them out as the result of circumstances for which it is neither to blame nor can be expected to bear the costs of by virtue of the law, a legal act or customarily held opinions.

9. Data protection
VDH Products BV may potentially collect certain personal data, such as the names, addresses and e mail addresses. VDH Products BV will only use this personal data for processing your repair order and for dealing with any guarantee claims that may arise from it. This personal data may be copied, used and stored by VDH Products BV in accordance with the illegal regulations regarding data protection, but will not be made public to third parties unless so required by law.

10. Applicable law
Dutch law shall be exclusively applicable to the repair agreement.