Product Returns

Conditions of product returns to VDH Products, applicable to return shipments sent to VDH Products.

A return period of 30 days after purchasing the product applies for returns of VDH products. The date of purchase serves as the date of delivery in this regard. Once the return period has elapsed, products can in principle no longer be returned.

Conditions of return:
1. A completed return form must accompany return shipments.

Return form

2. Return shipments must always be made in consultation with the sales department or after-sales department of VDH Products.

3. The product will only be accepted as a return if it is complete, undamaged and unused, and shows no traces of use.

4. If an item has been damaged through use, part of the return amount may be withheld because of the depreciation in value.

5. Custom-made products and products with logos printed on them are not eligible for return.

6 Made-to-measure products cannot be returned.

7. In the event of a return shipment, credit will be given against the original purchase sum in consultation with the sales department.

8. Return shipments should be sent carriage paid to:

VDH Products BV
Produktieweg 1
9301 ZS Roden
The Netherlands

9. If the item does not meet the conditions of return, VDH Products may refuse to accept the return shipment. In that case, the return shipment will be sent back at the Customer’s expense.

10. We will not accept shipments for which the carriage has not been paid or for which the sender is not stated.

11. All costs arising from the custom clearance for importing the goods into the Dutch market are for the expense of the sender.

12. The General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery for the Technological Industry (“FME conditions* Orgalime”) are also applicable to returns; the Customer has received and acknowledged receipt of the FME conditions along with these terms and conditions.

Data protection
VDH Products may potentially collect certain personal data, such as the names, addresses and e-mail addresses. VDH Products will only use this personal data for processing your repair order and for dealing with any guarantee claims that may arise from it. This personal data may be copied, used and stored by VDH Products in accordance with the illegal regulations regarding data protection, but will not be made public to third parties unless so required by law.