‘We know what we have in common’

‘We know what we have in common’

Fríyo Vizcaya in Customer speaking

Aitor del Corte Martínez, industrial engineer of Frío Vizcaya

This is Frio Vizcaya
“Frío Vizcaya has been designing and building cooling installations and storage rooms for 30 years. The company started in the Basque region of Vizcaya and now supplies refrigeration and storage technology for the commercial and industrial sector throughout Spain. In addition, we have been supplying ripening chambers for 5 years. They are a separate branch of cold rooms because of all the different parameters that you have to take into account. You don't learn the trade of ripening at school, you have to have a feel for it. We provide ripeners with the technology with which they can monitor and control the entire ripening process as desired.”

We are close to our customers
“The added value of Frío Vizcaya for customers is that we design the complete installation according to their wishes. We are close to our customers, and we coordinate closely from the start. What is specifically needed, what are the conditions and what are the circumstances at the customers facility? After approval of the design, we develop the entire installation, sometimes with the help of local partners. We prefer to choose the best and latest technology available: quality comes first. And we work sustainably, which means energy-efficient and where possible with natural gases such as CO2 and ammonia.'

From PROBA 110 to PROBA 5
‘In our ripening installations we work with the PROBA 5 controllers from VDH Products. These are the best ripening controllers on the market. It even started for us with the PROBA 5. A major customer for whom we supplied cooling and storage technology asked us five years ago if we could also renew their 13 ripening chambers. They had been working with the PROBA 110 for 15 years and were ready for an update. Of course, we then arrived at the PROBA 5, and when you see how many new features have been added in those few fifteen years... as if there is a century difference between them! During the implementation of the new installation (room by room), thanks to the smooth cooperation with VDH Products, the ripening process at our customer was never idle.'

Control any parameter
“The collaboration with VDH has been excellent from the start. The possibilities they offer the ripeners are unprecedented. With the PROBA 5 you can monitor up to 48 ripening chambers simultaneously, at a glance. And if needed, you can go a level deeper and view and modify every parameter (humidity, temperature, ethylene, CO2) as you wish. VDH supplies custom designed solutions where necessary.'

Dealer of VDH in Spain
“As Frío Vizcaya we are now the regular dealer for VDH Products in Spain. We always offer new customers a visit to the factory in Roden. And if English is a problem, we are the intermediary in the communication. Although one might expect it, there are hardly any cultural differences between Spain and the Netherlands. Maybe because we have the same type of weather in the Basque Country as in the Netherlands? It is also striking how often our new customers are already familiar with VDH control technology.”

An atmosphere of trust
‘3 years ago we visited the VDH factory with a team. That was during a railway strike... Frits Popma, who is a well-known specialist in the fresh produce and partner from VDH, brought us to Schiphol airport to help us catch our airplane back. It was nice to visit VDH and to taste the atmosphere. Their people treat each other like family, and we felt very welcome. So it was worth the trip. Our collaboration also fits that atmosphere, which can be described in one word as 'trust'. We know each other's needs, and communication runs smoothly and flawlessly. Their technology is also reliable: in recent years we have had zero failures with the PROBA 5.”