VDH Products reaches 40!

VDH Products reaches 40!
For 40 years in control of temperature, pressure and relative humidity

Founded on 1 May 1978 and originally stated in a shed behind the house. The decision to set up a new location was soon made, on the industrial site where VDH Products is still located.

After it was founded, VDH Products rapidly achieved a position as a manufacturer of high-quality mechanical and electronic measuring instruments. The demand for mechanical measuring instruments such as pressure gauges and thermometers was high, and VDH Products was one of the few manufacturers of measuring instruments at that time. Electronic measurement and control systems were still in their infancy, but very much the coming thing.

From Peru to New Zealand
Thanks to the high quality of the VDH products and the flexible way they helped clients think their problems through, VDH Products instruments quickly ended up all over the world and extra hands were needed in the production department in order to keep up with the growing demand. Since it was founded, VDH Products has earned its spurs as an authority in high-tech measuring instruments and systems. Our control systems can be found in numerous sectors throughout the world, from Canada to Peru and from Russia to New Zealand. Whether it’s a control system for a refrigerated cell or deep freeze, a car spraying booth, a ripening cell for fruit or a control system for luxury yachts, VDH Products has the controllers for it. Thanks to the growing demand for electronic and mechanical measuring and control systems, VDH Products grew rapidly.

In-house products
VDH Products has chosen to keep the production activities in house and not to outsource them abroad. A choice has also been made not to move into mass production and series production, but to focus more on niche markets. Markets that are suitable for VDH Products and where we can respond quickly and flexibly to changes. Our staff come largely from the surrounding area (around Roden) and we also try to use suppliers who are close by. This makes us more flexible and keeps the lines short. We’re proud of the fact that we have a lot of staff who have been working for us for a long time. And it’s also important to bring younger people in, of course, who can take a fresh look at things. We are ready and willing to learn from each other – we believe that’s important. It is always a source of pride when we hear from our business contacts that they are impressed with our company and the way we treat each other. We place great value on trust and respect.

The future
VDH Products has continued to grow over the last forty years and we want to keep growing in future too. One of our major strengths is that VDH offers solutions for various market segments and is therefore not dependent on any specific market. Since it was founded, VDH Products has always presented itself as a no-nonsense, open-minded company. Working with our business contacts and looking for the best solutions so that we ultimately obtain a top-quality product that will benefit all parties. This way of working and thinking has kept being successful for VDH Products right through to the current day, and is also well received abroad. Over the coming period, VDH Products will be launching new technology and new control systems for various applications. VDH Products delivers to more than 65 countries, so our field of work covers the whole world. And we’re not finished yet!

Reaching forty years is an important milestone for VDH Products. If we look at the developments in technical control systems, we have ensured over the last forty years that VDH Products is known throughout the world in certain segments.\

We would like to thank all our clients and business contacts for the confidence they have shown in VDH Products and we hope to welcome everyone once again during the next forty years!