‘VDH delivers high quality’

‘VDH delivers high quality’

Frigo Consult Tehnic AB in Customer speaking

Mr. Adrian Balaoi, CTO of Frigo Consult Tehnic AB & AB Tehnic Profesional in Bucharest

This is AB Technic Professional

“AB Tehnic Profesional from Bucharest (RO) is engaged in the import, sales and maintenance of industrial and commercial refrigeration and ripening technology. The company is an important link in the chain between manufacturers and end-users. AB Tehnic Profesional is, among other things, a distributor of VDH Products technology in Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.”

This is Frigo Consult Technic AB

“Frigo Consult Tehnic AB is an important player in the region when it comes to advice and design of innovative and environmentally responsible refrigeration, climate and ripening technology. Frigo Consult is a specialist in working with natural refrigerants and reducing the ecological footprint of refrigeration installations by increasing efficiency.”

High quality products

“Why do we work with products from VDH Products? We have been distributing their sensors and controllers for ripening plants since the beginning of our company. Our customers choose VDH because of its high quality.”

Smooth contact

“Our contact with VDH is always good. The lines are short, so that questions are answered quickly and delivery runs smoothly.”