The customer speaks: "Govers Koeltechniek BV"

The customer speaks: "Govers Koeltechniek BV"
‘The customer speaks’ is a regular feature on the VDH site that puts the customer in the spotlight. Our products and solutions find their way to a wide range of markets and applications all over the world. Applications that we all use in one way or another but are sometimes unaware of. We really enjoy hearing what our customers have to say. So who are those special VDH customers and why have they chosen VDH? We’re delighted to announce that Govers Koeltechniek b.v. is in the spotlight in this issue!

Solid solutions
Jack van den Bergh, owner of Govers Koeltechniek: “For over thirty years, we’ve been designing, assembling and maintaining a wide range of industrial cooling systems for a huge number of reputable companies. Most of those cooling systems are tailored to the customer’s requirements. From air-conditioning to workspace cooling and from water and process cooling to ammonia and CO2.

When the customer has preferences in relation to cooling technology or climate control that are not crystal clear, they can always contact Govers Koeltechniek and ask for more information.

Ronald van den Bergh is a Project Engineer at Govers Koeltechniek and has been working in his father’s company for several years. “Our customers are mainly active in the food sector, vegetables and fruit, distribution and transshipment or are chemical companies and production companies. We translate our customers’ preferences into solid solutions – always using the latest technological developments, of course. We help companies make the right choices during the design stage, after which the cooling systems are worked out in detail with the Development department.”

Dutch fruit sector
It was fruit adviser Wim Schmitz who introduced Govers Koeltechniek to VDH Products more than fifteen years ago. Jack van den Bergh: “It was in 2004 that we first came in contact with VDH Products and started using their controllers for storing hard and soft fruit. Those controllers were the perfect solution for the fruit sector and had all the functionalities we could wish for.”

Fruit storage is a very precise process in which the temperature, air humidity, ventilation and fumigation are regulated down to the last detail. “The advanced controllers from VDH Products monitor and control the entire process, which is exactly what we were looking for.

The controllers are designed specifically for the fruit sector and they’re fully in line with all the requirements thanks to the cooperation with specialists and users. VDH’s controllers and systems are well-known for their high quality, reliability and user-friendly controllers”.

Unique partner
“Product-specific, reliable and supportive. That’s VDH Products in a nutshell,” says Van den Bergh. Three positive and powerful keywords. “So as you can see, it’s not for nothing that we use the complete package of control systems from VDH Products. From MC 785 to MC3 controllers.” According to Van den Bergh, VDH Products is a unique partner and distinguishes itself by manufacturing a market-specific product that can be adapted to the wishes of ‘our own’ market. “Both now and in the future, VDH Products will be our preferred supplier when it comes to storing our fruit.”

Govers Koeltechniek BV
Tilburgsebaan 14
5126 PH Gilze
+31 (0)161 456 800