The customer speaks: ‘A. ’t Lam Vries- en Koeltechniek B.V.’

The customer speaks: ‘A. ’t Lam Vries- en Koeltechniek B.V.’
‘The customer speaks’ is a regular feature on the VDH site that puts the customer in the spotlight. Our products and solutions find their way to a wide range of markets and applications all over the world. Applications that we all use in one way or another but are sometimes unaware of. We really enjoy hearing what our customers have to say. So who are those special VDH customers and why have they chosen VDH? We’re very proud to be able to put A. ’t Lam Vries- en Koeltechniek B.V. in the spotlight in this issue.

We’ll never leave you out in the cold. Just your products! This slogan perfectly describes A. ’t Lam Vries- en Koeltechniek: a family business that designs and builds large and small refrigeration systems. Where possible, the company pre-manufactures all the machines in its own workshop, and of course it is F-gas certified for the installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems.

Small and large refrigeration systems
Co-owner Gerard ’t Lam: Our parents founded the company in 1979. At the time, my father already had 13 years experience working on small and large refrigeration systems, including transportation cooling, refrigeration on ships, cooling for supermarkets and very large AC units for hospitals. My mother concentrated on setting up and running the bookkeeping and accounts system. We now have 40 years of experience with a many different types of refrigerants, including ammonia.

In 2014, my brother Peter and I took over the day-to-day management of the company so that my parents could make the most of their well-deserved retirement. In 2014 we moved to Leerdam, where we have plenty of opportunities to grow.”

A. ’t Lam Vries- en Koeltechniek first came in contact with VDH Products in the early 1980s, not long after the company was founded. “We started by purchasing electronic thermostats for fruit cold stores and manometers. Since then, we’ve used many different pieces of equipment from VDH over the years and we’ve never been disappointed. That equipment includes MC3 fruit, MC3 SC, Alfa controllers, MC785 DF-Klima, Manometers, FC785PC, MC785SC, and so on.”

Varied daily routine
Gerard ’t Lam has a varied and challenging daily routine: “I usually get to the office by 6 a.m. and spend my day working on different tasks and making sure our (service) technicians can do their work. There’s always more than enough to do, from working out calculations and proposals to ordering materials from our suppliers. Of course, I also visit customers to talk about new products and make preparations for new projects. And sometimes, when customers report a malfunction or need something to be repaired I organise the necessary people. I also look after the commissioning of new plants. So it’s usually around 6 p.m. when I head for home with the feeling that my work is done.”

’t Lam: “I’d describe VDH Products as a horizontal organisation in which (almost) everything is possible and the products and services are of the highest quality. For me, VDH stands out thanks to its high-quality products and committed employees. And if something does go wrong, which is very rare, VDH always solves it as soon as possible. We hope to continue this excellent working relationship in the future.”

A. ‘t Lam Vries- en Koeltechniek B.V.
Nijverheidstraat 23
4143 HN Leerdam
+31 (0)345 599 631