SIIM - Press release

SIIM - Press release
SIIM announces the selection of its strategic technical partners for the equipment of its state-of-the art new platform in Rungis, dedicated to the ripening and packing of bananas and tropical fruit.

Rungis, France. SIIM announces the selection of its strategic technical partners for the equipment of its state-of-the art new platform in Rungis, dedicated to the ripening and packing of bananas and tropical fruit. The 12.000 sq. m platform will be finally equipped with 42 double and single-tier ripening rooms for a global simultaneous capacity of 67 trucks – 1.608 pallets – 38.592 banana boxes, making it the largest ripening unit in France.

Vincent Omer-Decugis, managing director of SIIM, is convinced that ”with Cold Energy for the cold production and system integration and BG Doors and VDH for their unparalleled expertise in ripening techniques and control system, we have chosen the right strategic partners for the completion of this core project, designed to be a centre of excellence with cutting-edge sustainable and energy efficient technologies, developed jointly to enhance ripening and storage conditions, specifically adjusted to each fruit to the benefit of our customers and the consumer”.
Cold Energy is an international company that operates in the industrial refrigeration sector with a strong specialization in the field of exotic fruit ripening.

Massimiliano Castagna, Cold Energy Sales Manager:”Participating in this project has been very challenging from a technical standpoint, given the very high level of expectations of SIIM. We are very honored that SIIM has chosen Cold Energy to build what will be the largest ripening plant in France and we believe that this tailor made project, encompassing a focused approach to the product shelf life, energy consumption and environmental impact will make history in our company. Our technical partners, BG Doors and VDH played a major role in the project conception from the start.”

Jan van Kessel, director at BG Door: “For more than 30 years BG Door International is one of the world’s leading supplier of Airtight Doors, Ripening Room Interiors and Fruit Storage Equipment for a wide range of fruits, especially bananas and tropical fruits. We are specifically proud of our long-lasting relationship with SIIM and are extremely happy to be part of this ground-breaking project in France.”
VDH Products BV develops and produces high-tech control systems for the fruit sector, and is an industry leader with the Proba Ripening Controller.

Jacco Smid, VDH sales manager: We work mostly with strong and historical partners, because we believe that higher goals can be achieved through strong cooperation. The development of the Proba system is therefore an ongoing process, shared with our customers and partners, with the constant aim to offer the very best solution for the user. We are very proud that SIIM, one of our oldest customers in France, has again opted for the VDH Proba system to control the complete ripening process of its new ripening platform in Rungis.”
SIIM’s ripening centre will be fully operational by April 1, 2020.

About SIIM
As a producer, importer, ripener and distributor of tropical fruit and vegetables, SIIM is a subsidiary of the OMER-DECUGIS GROUP, which was incorporated in 1850. The company is a name of reference on the European market and a market leader in Africa. SIIM is involved with production in Africa and Latin America, and runs its own distribution network in France and Spain from where it supplies all European markets. Its specific expertise in fruit ripening (pineapples, mangoes, papayas and avocados) allows the company to offer a range of pineapples and exotic fruits with guaranteed ripeness from its ripening platform at Rungis. SIIM is involved in each stage of the value chain from production to distribution. It is recognised for its commitment to quality and food safety (IFS Food certification, OAS accreditation). SIIM is a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), observes the United Nations Global Compact and supports the Rainforest Alliance.

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About Cold Energy
Cold Energy is a young yet experienced company founded in 2009. Our international team has over 20 years of experience in designing and managing technical projects of every size and complexity. Cold Energy is widely recognized as one of the foremost engineering company, combining quality and safety with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Fruit ripening and controlled atmosphere storage is certainly one of our strongest expertise area.

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About BG Door International
For over 25 years BG Door International is the world’s leading supplier of Ripening Room Doors for a wide range of fruits, including tropical fruits and especially bananas.

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About VDH Products
VDH Products has been a one of the world’s leading manufacturers for more than 40 years of accurate control systems in all situations where temperature, pressure and relative humidity are critical parameters. VDH Products is known for the innovativeness and reliability of its solutions, combined with the high quality of its products. Over the years VDH Products built up a good reputation in the fruit sector, in which the Proba ripening controller is an established and well-known concept.

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