"Our SMD line is extremely flexible and that gives us a huge advantage"

"Our SMD line is extremely flexible and that gives us a huge advantage"

Peter Timmer, Surface Mounting Technology, VDH Products

As a Surface Mounting Engineer, Peter Timmer (57) is responsible for the production of all printed circuit boards developed by the VDH Products hardware engineers. Together with his colleague, he programs and operates the SMD moulding machine in a glassed area overlooking the production hall.

“The range of what we make is enormous. With our pick-and-place machine we can miniaturise but also place very large components. 99 percent of everything to do with electronics in VDH's production comes through the SMD line, for which I’m responsible.'

Circuit board technology

The first moulding machine was introduced by VDH Products in the 1990s, when VDH had already taken its first steps in the field of printed circuit board technology. Timmer was trained in-house to work with the machine and has been fine-tuning his skills ever since. Just like the surface mounting technology: after years of using a Philips line, the company has been working with a hypermodern machine from ASM for 2 years. All the surface mounting is carried out fully automatically and at lightning speed.

Our line is small-scale and therefore extremely flexible, and that gives us a huge advantage. We can also produce very small series and we use software and equipment that enable us to adapt quickly. When our R&D department develops new products, we simply make our own prototypes.’

Dynamics and reliability

If you ask Timmer why he has stayed working at VDH Products for 35 years, he responds with two answers. Firstly, his specialist area is always evolving. And he likes the fact that companies that work with SMD technology are increasingly looking to each other to share technology and information. Secondly, the corporate culture at VDH Products has always been good. The atmosphere is pleasant and friendly, there is no ‘island culture’, and the company always keeps up with new developments.

Our customers have all been on board with us for a long time. That says a lot about our reliability and quality. And we like to stay loyal to suppliers with whom we have a good relationship. If you have the customer, the technology and the communication in synch like we do, then you’re in a strong position.”

Bright future

As far as Peter Timmer is concerned, VDH Products has a bright future. He can see that the world of technology is moving ever faster and you need to be able to adapt quickly. VDH Products is well equipped to do exactly that. And thanks to the solid relationships with customers, at the company’s headquarters in Roden they are always in tune with the latest developments and requirements. They can adapt quickly and innovate straight away, if necessary. So which of Peter Timmer’s qualities are helping VDH Products to achieve this?

I always keep a cool head and stay calm. That’s important because there are so many things going on here. That's why we don't play music in the department and we try not to have too many visitors. It’s also important to communicate clearly: you need to know exactly what the hardware engineer needs from you.