"Our collaboration is a real success story"

"Our collaboration is a real success story"

MUSS Agrartechnik GmbH in The customer speaks

Mr. Frits Schlimback, co-owner of MUSS Agrartechnik GmbH in Bad Fallingbostel

This is MUSS Agrartechnik
“MUSS profiles itself as an ‘interior designer for the storage and processing of mainly potatoes and onions’. That means that we supply potato and onion growers with the technology and controls for all the activities that take place in the storage warehouse, from storing and sorting to processing and packaging.”

Good storage gives the best rate of return
“The most important product group in our model is in the area of storage. After storage, rapid drying followed by good wound healing, uniform cooling and finally consistent storage conditions are essential for the final result. In other words, because a potato consists of around 80% water, the goal of optimal storage is to keep as much water as possible inside the storage area. A good storage regime is crucial for the best rate of return.”

A specialist sparring partner
“Our customers – who are mainly farmers – now need to know so many things that they turn to specialists for help. Thanks to our broad portfolio and years of practical experience, MUSS is a specialist in many different product groups. That makes us the ideal sparring partner. Added to that, we’re also the most efficient choice because we’re the only company in the market that can supply a total package. We’ve never stopped growing since we started and we now have customers in Poland and the Netherlands as well as in Germany.”

‘MUSS kümmert sich’ (‘MUSS cares’)
“This growth also has to do with what we offer our customers after they purchase our technology. In fact, the most important thing is what comes after the sale. Every harvest is different and requires different settings, and we give our customers all the knowledge they need. We regularly organise presentations and training courses for our customers. But this isn’t a one-way street, because the exchange of knowledge is in everybody’s interest. That cooperation is very important to us. And if there’s a problem, we simply solve it. Our motto is ‘MUSS kümmert sich’, or ‘MUSS cares’ in English.

Intelligent storage thanks to VDH Products
“The storage of potatoes and onions is a very specialist task because it uses a lot of outside air, much more than in other sectors. The heart of the storage installation is the control system, and that's where MUSS and VDH Products found each other. VDH wasn’t yet active in potato storage, so we brought the knowledge to the table while they brought the technical possibilities. This resulted in a storage computer in which all our wishes have come true.”

A reliable partner
“If ever there was a glitch during the development phase, Allard, our permanent engineer at VDH, sent us an update of the software straight away. Those short lines and the ability to react quickly have made our partnership a real success story. VDH’s professionalism and flexibility make it a very reliable partner. Our customers build up a relationship of trust with us and we become a familiar face for them. VDH means the same to us.”

Jointly rising above our competitors
“If you asked me to tell you what VDH means to us in three words, I’d say: Engineering, Flexibility and Loyalty. VDH’s flexibility has given us a control package that allows us to rise far above our competitors. Our partnership is based on a real sense of loyalty. We think along with each other and we wish each other the best. And the engineering is always invaluable. When we go to VDH with a question or problem, they come up with the perfect solution in no time.”