"VDH - The kind of supplier you'd wish on anyone" Koeltechnisch Buro Raamsdonksveer in The customer speaks

"VDH - The kind of supplier you'd wish on anyone" Koeltechnisch Buro Raamsdonksveer in The customer speaks

Mr. Toon Vosselmans, along with Mr. Hens van Oeveren, Managing Director of Koeltechnisch Buro Raamsdonksveer

This is KTB Raamsdonksveer
“KTB Raamsdonksveer supplies cooling technology for the Agrifood sector but also for Food and Industry. We supply refrigeration systems of all sizes, particularly for the medium-sized segment. We specialise in the use of natural refrigerants. And our company is growing: we now have 25 employees.”

We stand out thanks to our expertise
“In our sector, we distinguish ourselves in terms of the quality of the systems we deliver. But the real difference comes after that, because what our customers really like are our short lines of communication and fast service. If there’s a problem, we can solve it quickly. We make sure we employ the best professionals, people who are technically skilled and motivated to keep up with the latest developments in their field.”

When you mention soft fruit, you can only mean KTB Raamsdonksveer
“In the Agrifood sector, we supply systems to fruit growers and growers of cuttings and leafy vegetables. We’re a serious player when it comes to the cultivation of soft fruit, but our systems are also often used in top fruit storage. In the food sector, our systems are used in cold stores and slaughterhouses that supply the retail sector. For industry, we supply cooling systems for the production process and for storage.”

It all depends on good control
“The challenge of a good cold store is to make it a perfect match for the product that you’re cooling – not just in terms of temperature, air speed and humidity, but also in terms of the cooling process. Anyone can build a box with a cooling system, but it’s the way you fine-tune the process that makes the difference. A cold store for strawberry plants behaves differently than a cold store for raspberry plants. And whereas a rapid drop in humidity benefits one variety of apple, it can actually cause discolouration in another variety. VDH Products is hugely important when these processes are being measured and regulated. It all depends on good control, regulation and programming.”

Partners with VDH for 20 years
“Our company has been working with VDH Products for 20 years. The demand for our technology is increasing in the Agri-fruit sector all the time, so our collaboration with Roden is intensifying. Added to that, VDH always keeps up to date with the latest developments, and our customers count on that. The systems are getting bigger and bigger, and everything must be remotely controlled and regulated through the internet. The products manufactured in Roden do exactly what they’re supposed to do and are extremely reliable.”

Everybody at VDH knows the ins and outs of the products
“We’re renowned for our fast service, and we also value that quality in our suppliers. You always notice that the person you speak to on the phone at VDH Products has a good knowledge of the business. As soon as you call with a problem, you essentially start working together on the solution straight away. You won’t first be put through 15 times to all kinds of superfluous managers in between. That’s a question of organisational culture. You build up expertise and service by organising yourself efficiently. Everyone in the company contributes ideas. We take the ideas and solutions proposed by our employees seriously and we give them responsibility. Our people all know the ins and outs of the products and they are aware of what’s happening everywhere in the organisation. We share that culture with Roden.”

VDH: they help you immediately
“At VDH, there’s always fast backup. You see straight away that they have a strong team with all the required knowledge and skills; and everybody knows what everybody else can do. As a result, you always get to speak to exactly the person who can help you. Whether it involves programs, hardware or software: VDH stands for up-to-date knowledge. Commercially too, everything runs extremely smoothly. When we’re at the quotation stage with a customer, the lines with VDH are so short that we can immediately tell our customer what’s possible.”

VDH: The kind of supplier you'd wish on anyone
“One good illustration of our smooth cooperation with VDH is when we started working with their new MC3 fruit controller about 4 years ago. We were one of the first to use this controller on a major project, and it was for the largest supplier of cuttings in Europe. We were in close contact from the start of the system development process, and while we were commissioning the controller we encountered a limitation in the software that VDH immediately corrected. And they had already built that correction into the systems that came later. VDH acted quickly, recognised the limitation, helped find a solution and then integrated it into its product from that moment onward. The kind of supplier you'd wish on anyone."

VDH Products in one word
“The main ingredient of the successful collaboration between KTB Raamsdonksveer and VDH Products is expertise… and if I may add another word: service. As well as having all the technical knowledge in-house, they also have the fast service required to help our customers quickly.”

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