Customer speaks: "Perfectly ripe Argentinian fruit"

Customer speaks: "Perfectly ripe Argentinian fruit"
"Customer Speaks" is a recurring item on the VDH site, in which the customer is in the spotlight! The products and solutions that we offer, find their way around the world in various markets and applications. Applications that we are all dealing with, but sometimes we are not aware of. We really like to let the customer speak. Who are these special customers of VDH and why do they choose VDH? We are very proud that in this edition Orlando Refrigeración is in the spotlight!

Buenos Aires is not only a capital city, it is also the economic and cultural heart of Argentina. The company Orlando Refrigeración is located right in the heart of this trendy city, which has a population of more than 3,000,000. This industrial refrigeration company is always on the lookout for changes and innovations. ‘We see that the world market is changing.’

Optimal control
Engineer Alfredo R. Orlando is the third generation to work within the company. ‘My grandfather started up the refrigeration company in 1932. We see that the refrigeration market is changing. Companies ripen all kinds of fruit in a controlled manner, so that it is ready to eat. This is how we came into contact with VDH Products; they have the best technology for optimally controlling these systems. We also operate beyond our country’s borders in countries such as South America and Central America.

Innovative ideas
Orlando Refrigeración and VDH Products have been satisfactorily working together for years. ‘My first encounter with the worldwide operating company from Roden, the Netherlands, was in 1994 at the PMA trade fair in San Antonio, Texas. We installed the first equipment from VDH Products a year later and we have absolutely no regrets. Alfredo still knows why he entered into the collaboration with VDH Products at the time without hesitation. ‘VDH products is characterized by an excellent quality and it introduces innovative, new ideas to make system even more efficient.

Service-oriented characteristic
Alfredo Orlando describes VDH Products’ characteristics in three words: ‘Quality (all products are sustainable and reliable), innovative (the company is always on the lookout for new challenges and is a market leader) and service-oriented (excellent customer service in all areas). It is great to see that the customer thinks along with the company. Alfredo: ‘I think that there many new possibilities for new technological developments at VDH Products, such as the PROBA 5 (we use this ourselves to great satisfaction), MC3-FRUIT AND MC3-SC.’ The merging of several control and regulation processes of a facility or distribution centre into only one and the same system is also extremely interesting.

‘I highly recommend VDH Products to everyone – both in terms of the performance delivered as well as quality’.

Orlando Refrigeración
Av. Carabobo 1046 C.A.B.A,
Buenos Aires
T +54 11 46322996