“At VDH, they know exactly what we need” GEA Refrigeration Technologies in The customer speaks

“At VDH, they know exactly what we need” GEA Refrigeration Technologies in The customer speaks

Mr. Arjen Schreuders, Senior Buyer for GEA Refrigeration Technologies in Den Bosch.

This is GEA Refrigeration Technologies
“GEA operates in 45 countries and employs 18,000 people worldwide. Each of the company’s 5 divisions contributes in its own way to the production of the basic necessities of life. In Den Bosch, the refrigeration division produces systems for cooling and heating in the food industry.”

Everyone benefits from GEA’s refrigeration technology
“We’re all familiar with products in which GEA’s systems play an important role. Certainly everyone who consumes quality dairy products or beer or who enjoys certain types of chocolate or buys frozen products from a supermarket chain. And skating fans also witness the power of our cooling systems whenever they watch the National Skating Championships in Heerenveen.”

GEA is in a league of its own when it comes to durability
“People see us as the Mercedes of refrigeration compressors. This GEA system uses natural refrigerants, is extremely durable and low-maintenance and consumes very little energy. We also invest in the way our systems look because we want people to enjoy using them. Our customers are proud when the bright blue colour of GEA is prominently displayed in their engine room and the high quality shines through in every detail.”

VDH Products has been an attractive partner for 30 years
“GEA Refrigeration Technologies has worked with VDH Products in Roden for over 30 years. They supply us with essential parts for our machines, such as temperature sensors, pressure gauges and insert sleeves. But also panels and switch boxes. We like working with VDH because of the quality. Their standards are as high as ours.”

“The other things that attract us to VDH are the scale on which they operate and the wide range of products they supply. You can turn to them for high-quality products, even in smaller quantities of between 30 and 500 items per year. That makes VDH a very attractive partner for us.”

They know exactly what we need
“At VDH, they know exactly what we need.  They develop products to perfection, not just in terms of how they work but also in terms of their looks and appearance. It’s easy to communicate with the engineers and they can adapt to our needs really quickly. Service requests from the field about a VDH component are extremely rare. So in that way they also contribute to our good reputation in the area of durability. And our customers are only too willing to pay a little more for it.”

No-nonsense and passionate
“In terms of culture, our companies are very similar. Despite our German origin, we interact with GEA in an informal way. No-nonsense. And the people in the office don’t shy away from the work floor. This creates an environment in which everyone feels involved not just with their own work but with the end product as a whole and with the entire production process. We’re very happy with the level of enthusiasm in Roden: their low staff turnover says a lot about their commitment.”

Recent partnerships between GEA and VDH
“In August, we started producing a new air purger, a device that removes non-condensed gases from the system. It means that the efficiency of our compressor is now even higher. This is because we’ve switched from freon to propane gas, which is less harmful to the environment. VDH fitted the purger with a new control box and, at our request, combined it with the hour counter that shows how long the machine has been using the air purger. The box is finished in green.”

VDH Products in one word
“You can describe the partnership between GEA Refrigeration Technology and VDH Products in one word: co-makership. That means that, as a supplier, GEA take a huge amount of responsibility for the end product. Our partnership with them really contributes to the quality, sustainability, development speed, expertise and the price of our products. Their relatively small-scale production, the ability to purchase lower numbers, the wide range and the consistently excellent quality and durability of their components are unique in our sector.