Alfred Kremer (31) strengthens the VDH Products sales team

Alfred Kremer (31) strengthens the VDH Products sales team

The worldwide demand for measuring and control equipment from Roden is growing all the time. Meanwhile, VDH Products still likes to visit its customers. Because it is when you sit down with installers and end users that you find the best solutions together and always come up with new ideas. And that is why we are making extra space for our customers and are strengthening our team with sales engineer Alfred Kremer.

Salesman at heart

After finishing his studies in Commercial Economics, Kremer’s first job involved selling custom-made winches for THR Marine BV in Groningen. He was responsible there for Europe and South America. But he had already been involved in sales as a boy. “I’m a salesman at heart. As a child, I used to drive my go-kart and trailer door-to-door in the town of Uithuizen. I sold carrots fresh from the fields. And you know, it didn't really matter whether I sold my products or not. It was the contact with people that I enjoyed.”

Delivering added value

At that young age Kremer could already see how important personal contact is for sales, and that has only increased through the years. “In the sales world, you come across a lot of smooth talkers. But that’s not my thing. You can only really deliver added value when you listen to your customer and engage in an open conversation. You need to ask intelligent questions and, if necessary, try to find the answers in places where the customer hasn't yet looked. The important thing is to come up with real solutions together. That’s why VDH is such a good fit for me.”

VDH Products: eagerness and enthusiasm

Because in late 2021, VDH Products suddenly came across his path through a recruiter. Kremer looked them up and immediately felt a connection. “VDH is developing all the time. During the introductory meetings, I noticed an eagerness and enthusiasm that really attracted me. There’s lots of innovation and development at VDH and the employees really care about their products and customers.”

A welcome match

“I think I have the flexible mindset, the broad interest and the level-headedness that suits VDH. And that also suits our customers. So far, I feel very welcome.”