Mangoes and avocados ripened by the PROBA 4

Mangoes and avocados ripened by the PROBA 4
Ripening of exotic fruit is a meticulous process that involves among others regulating of temperature, humidity, ventilation and gasconcentration.

In the municipality of Westland, which is known for its many fruit and vegetable companies, there is new location constructed for cooling and ripening mangoes and avocados. These exotics are supplied through the port of Rotterdam whereafter being transported to the importer by refrigerated transport, where they are then temporarily stored in coldrooms. On customer demand the mangoes and avocados goes into the ripening rooms in order to achieve the desired degree of ripening. This is done by means of a previously entered ripeningprogram, where in this case the temperature and circulation of air can be set as desired by the ripener.

Refrigeration company Reftech has build the coolinginstallation, four ripening chambers and six cold rooms for temporary storage.


MC3 & PROBA Control Systems
The MC3-COOL system is installed for controlling and monitoring the six coldrooms. The refrigeration system is a Monoflow System. This system is controlled by the MC3 SC DC (Dual Circuit). The cooling and freezing system runs on the same system, resulting in a higher efficiency of the used compressors. The Proba 4 monitors and controls the entire ripening process. From the moment the not ripe fruits arrive until they leave the ripeningrooms again. All MC3 and PROBA 4 systems are centrally connected to VASP. The VASP software makes it possible to control the connected devices from the computer. Away from office the customer can check the status of his rooms with the VASP smartphone app.

Download here the PROBA 4 brocure for more information.