"You do it all together"
‘Good products, good people’
Closure during the Holidays
We’re lucky to have our people
Spraytronic 3
Giving 100% for the customer together
‘Despite long lead times, our production has not stood still for a moment’
‘VDH delivers high quality’
‘We’ve got our house in order on an operational, tactical, and strategic level’
‘VDH is a stable club’
Configurable pressure gauges
Meet VDH at the Chillventa in Nuremberg, Germany
"Experience and creativity"
Eager to keep innovating
‘We know what we have in common’
Everybody on the same page
“VDH is helping to shape our creativity”
Alfred Kremer (31) strengthens the VDH Products sales team
Making great products
"Our collaboration is a real success story"
"Our SMD line is extremely flexible and that gives us a huge advantage"
The Fruit Ripening Training: indispensable investment in quality
“At VDH, they know exactly what we need” GEA Refrigeration Technologies in The customer speaks
"VDH - The kind of supplier you'd wish on anyone" Koeltechnisch Buro Raamsdonksveer in The customer speaks
SIIM - Press release
At Service & Support, all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place
Company holiday
Update measures COVID-19
Measures  (COVID-19)
VDH training courses will continue in 2020!
Company Closure - December 2019
The customer speaks: "Govers Koeltechniek BV"
Partnership between Canadian and Dutch ripening technology companies
Introducing the MC2-FC controller
The customer speaks: ‘A. ’t Lam Vries- en Koeltechniek B.V.’
France: new banana-ripening plant with cutting-edge technology
The customer speaks: ‘Rowit’
The customer speaks: ‘SunDisc’
Fruit ripening course
New PROBA touch screen
Work in progress!!
Important notification for VASP users!
Electronic components under pressure due to global scarcity
The importance of corporate social responsibility
The customer speaks: "South African avocados in perfect condition"
Customer speaks: "Perfectly ripe Argentinian fruit"
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
VDH Products reaches 40!
Meet us at the Fruit Attraction in Madrid
New touchscreen controlpanel
Mangoes and avocados ripened by the PROBA 4
End of Life FC 785-PC
End of life Proba 110