World leader in temperature, pressure and relative humidity

World leader in temperature, pressure and relative humidity

New PROBA touch screen

The development of our products is an ongoing process. One of the things that is typical for VDH, is that during this process we always listen to (potential) users of our systems. Especially when it comes to new functionalities and features. Because, let’s be honest, who can help us better than the users of our systems?!

Often we have been asked whether it could be possible to get more functionality in the Proba control panel near the room. The current Proba control panel has a 4.3 inch touch screen and is generally provided with a number of switches for controlling e.g., the door, lighting, ventilation and gassing.
However, the 4.3 “touch screen itself does not really have much functionality.

Until now, because we introduce a 7” touch screen that offers you more functionality!! 
Many settings can now be made near the ripening room for even better control of the ripening process.

This new touch screen offers you a lot of functionality such as:
• Parameter settings
• Control of sensors
• Alarm messages (history)
• Start/stop hold mode
• Start/stop standby mode
• Setpoint settings for:
       – Temperature
       – Humidity
       – Gassing

Just like the 4.3″ touch screen, the 7” touchscreen can also be built into a wall-mount housing and of course also be provided with above mentioned switches for more functionality.

We have taken into account the dimensions of the panel, so that it can be mounted next to the door of the ripening room.

Interested and want to receive further information? Please contact the sales department of VDH Products by email or phone +31(0)50 302 89 00.

So you see, with VDH you are In control.

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