World leader in temperature, pressure and relative humidity

World leader in temperature, pressure and relative humidity

Important notification for VASP users!

Crashes after installation Windows 10 patch

Some users of HP computers report having a Blue Screen Of Death after installing the cumulative patch for the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.
The cause seems to be an incompatible HP driver.

It seems to be mainly HP systems, such as EliteDesk and ProDesk computers, although the Microsoft helpdesk also reports that other manufacturers are also experiencing problems.

The problems arose after the release of the cumulative KB4464330 update that Microsoft released on Tuesday October 10, 2018.

The cause of the BSODs can be traced back to an HP keyboard driver.

The solution is to go to the command prompt via system recovery.
Then to: C: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers
Here the file HpqKbFiltr.sys rename or delete
After a system startup it will be resolved.

For further support or service, contact your network administrator or ICT company. Handling must be done by qualified personnel.

This is a Microsoft update issue and has nothing to do with an incorrectly functioning VASP system that is installed on your PC.

Contact Jacco Smid,
telephone number+31(0)50 3028900

Partnership between Canadian and Dutch ripening technology companies

Increased support for North American companies. While the relationship between the two companies may be longstanding, their more formal and recent North American partnership will offer new opportunities to customers on this continent. Read more...

ByJacco Smid | 26/06/19

Introducing the MC2-FC controller

The MC2-FC controller is the third-generation fruit controller from VDH and has the latest technologies and innovations, including a touchscreen, fast processors for an efficient and accurate process control and Ethernet for a fast and stable communication. Read more...

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The customer speaks: ‘A. ’t Lam Vries- en Koeltechniek B.V.’

‘The customer speaks’ is a regular feature on the VDH site that puts the customer in the spotlight. Our products and solutions find their way to a wide range of markets and applications all over the world. Applications that we all use in one way or another but are sometimes unaware of. We really enjoy hearing what our customers have to say. So who are those special VDH customers and why have they chosen VDH? We’re very proud to be able to put A. ’t Lam Vries- en Koeltechniek B.V. in the spotlight in this issue. Read more...

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France: new banana-ripening plant with cutting-edge technology

The collaboration between Fruidor, Cold Energy and VDH led to the development of a banana-ripening plant in October 2018, equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. The project was born from an ambition to create a site in compliance with the requirements of the French norms in terms of the environment, food safety, social security and working conditions. Read more...

ByJacco Smid | 13/03/19