World leader in temperature, pressure and relative humidity

World leader in temperature, pressure and relative humidity

Guarantee terms & conditions

VDH Products BV gives the purchaser the following guarantee for new equipment:

1. Duration and commencement of the guarantee
1.1. The guarantee term for VDH equipment that has been used in accordance with the instructions is 12 months.

1.2. The guarantee period commences on the delivery date of the equipment, which is stated on the purchase invoice.

1.3. The guarantee period is not extended by guarantee work and replacement deliveries in the context of the guarantee.

2. Guarantee conditions
The purchase invoice must be presented on request by VDH Products BV.

3. Content and scope of the guarantee
3.1. Defects will be resolved within a reasonable period free of charge, either by repair or by replacement of the parts in question. The costs arising from this (transport charges, callout fees, labour and parts) will not be borne by VDH Products BV. Equipment or parts thereof that are replaced will become the property of VDH Products BV.

3.2. The guarantee does not comprise any further entitlement to claim compensation for damages against VDH Products BV.

4. Limitations of the guarantee
The guarantee does not cover defects and faults resulting from:
4.1. Incorrect configuration or installation, for example by not taking account of the applicable safety instructions or instructions given in the user manual or installation manual.

4.2. Incorrect use and incorrect operation or loading.

4.3. External influences, such as transport damage, damage resulting from being knocked or hit, damage due to weather effects or other natural phenomena.

4.4. Repairs and modifications that have not been carried out by VDH Products BV.

4.5. Fluctuations in current and voltage that are outside the tolerances stated by the manufacturer.

5. Data protection
VDH Products BV may potentially collect certain personal data, such as the names, addresses and e-mail addresses. VDH Products BV will only use this personal data for processing your repair order and for dealing with any guarantee claims that may arise from it. This personal data may be copied, used and stored by VDH Products BV in accordance with the illegal regulations regarding data protection, but will not be made public to third parties unless so required by law.