Führend in der Regelung von Temperatur, Feuchtigkeit und Druck!

Führend in der Regelung von Temperatur, Feuchtigkeit und Druck!

Customer speaks: ‘SunDisc’

‘Customer speaks’ is a regular feature on the VDH site that puts the customer in the spotlight. Our products and solutions find their way to a wide range of markets and applications all over the world. Applications that we all use in one way or another but are sometimes unaware of. We really enjoy hearing what our customers have to say. So who are those special VDH customers and why have they chosen VDH? We’re proud to announce that ‘SunDisc Solar Systems’ is in the spotlight in this issue!

For the last 20 years, SunDisc Solar Systems B.V.(SunDisc for short) has been run by Oscar Ros (Technical Director) and Mirjam Hampsink (Commercial Director) from the village of Kropswolde in the Dutch province of Groningen. SunDisc produces thermal solar collectors, which are used to heat swimming pools. For SunDisc, the sun is a bringer of light and a source of inspiration. Which is why the design of the company’s spherical solar collectors was inspired by the shape of this primal life source.

Mirjam: “All of our collectors have a spherical hood and a perfectly calculated angle of inclination. So that every single ray of sunshine is captured.” It never ceases to amaze Mirjam that solar energy hasn’t yet become the universal standard. “It’s cheap and sustainable and the payback period is short compared to many other systems,” says Mirjam. And once it’s up and running, the user doesn’t have to lift a finger. The system works fully automatically and is now highly regarded in the market by swimming pool owners, non-profit organisations, campsites and consultancy firms, amongst others.

Short lines
Mirjam: “When we developed this type of solar collector 20 years ago, we wanted to bring a system on the market that operates fully automatically. So when the collectors have collected enough energy, a controller operates a pump. And because we like to work with companies from the region, were looking for top quality and wanted to come across as 100% Dutch, VDH soon came into the picture.”

SunDisc’s total satisfaction with the long-standing relationship is clear from the three positive keywords that Mirjam uses to describe VDH: quality, short lines and customer focus. “In an ideal world, these words would describe every company…,” Mirjam sighs.

Control systems
VDH produces two types of control systems for SunDisc: the Slimline (for the private market) controls the swimming pool pump and can be expanded with a remote panel on which the pool temperature is displayed. The Smartline controller is manufactured for the corporate market. Which includes municipal baths, non-profit organisations and campsites, amongst others. Mirjam: “The Smartline controller has the same capabilities as the Slimline, plus the possibility to read out the gas savings. For the corporate market, this is the ideal way of displaying the amount of gas saved and, linked to that, the payback period (called DAS). This means that SunDisc has the capacity to monitor and log data remotely, which certainly has its uses. For example, by monitoring data remotely we were able to detect serious leaks in a number of public swimming pools at an early stage.”

Nowadays, SunDisc and VDH are mature partners and both have launched a concept on the market for the way they wish to continue. Mirjam: “We’ll definitely continue our relationship with VDH in the future. Of course, there will always be new developments, perhaps even in the near future, and then we’ll hold new discussions about how to realise them.”

As far as SunDisc is concerned, VDH is a standout company that can best be described in the following powerful terms: professionalism, drive, inspirational, solution-oriented, teamwork, customer-oriented, a good listener, benevolent and open-minded.

Mirjam Hampsink: “In short, VDH is the perfect fit for SunDisc and we look forward to doing business with them for a long time to come.”

Bark 59
9606 RC Kropswolde
T: 0596- 35 21 26
I: www.sun-disc.nl
E: info@sun-disc.nl

KontakteJacco Smid,
telefonnummer+31(0)50 3028900

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