World leader in temperature, pressure and relative humidity

World leader in temperature, pressure and relative humidity

The customer speaks: “South African avocados in perfect condition”

"The customer speaks" is a recurring item on the VDH site, in which the customer is in the spotlight! The products and solutions that we offer, find their way around the world in various markets and applications. Applications that we are all dealing with, but sometimes we are not aware of. We really like to let the customer speak. Who are these special customers of VDH and why do they choose VDH? We are very proud that in this edition “FF Cooling & Engineering” is in the spotlight!

Table Mountain, The Cape of Good Hope. Those are the two prime tourist sights that come to mind when you think of South Africa. Or wine, as South Africa is a major wine producer. Pierre van der Merwe, the owner of FF Cooling & Engineering regularly raises a glass (figuratively at least) to their good cooperation with VDH Products. “I would describe our cooperation as professional and customer-friendly. And I have complete trust in our friends from Roden.” FF Cooling & Engineering are in the South African town of Strand, which has a population of over 55,000 and is known for (what else, given the name?) its wonderful beaches.

Dutch roots
Pierre van der Merwe was born and raised in South Africa. He first set foot on European soil in the Netherlands in February 2018. “I was finally able to put my paper knowledge of history into context. My forefathers came from the Netherlands, which is why I’ve got a Dutch surname. And irrelevant though it may be, I’m strangely proud of that.”

FF Cooling & Engineering is a South African refrigeration company. “My father set up the company in the early eighties. I’ll always be grateful to him for that, as well as for all the knowledge and expertise he passed on. The company operates in various sectors of industrial and commercial cooling throughout South Africa. The focus is mainly on the agricultural sector. That’s what we’ve specialised in.”

Leading PROBA system
FF Cooling & Engineering first got to know VDH Products over ten years ago. “We first cultivated avocados,” says Van der Merwe, “and now mangos and bananas too, and so we came into contact with the ripening industry. Nowadays we’re in fact one of the leading contractors for ripening chambers!” The South African company absolutely loved the PROBA system from VDH Products when introduced to it in 2008; they are still using it and are completely satisfied with it (the current generation is the new PROBA 5). “VDH Products is a good company with high-quality products and are rightly the market leader in their field. So there are three key words I’d use to describe the company from Roden: professional (a great product and good service), customer-friendly (nice staff) and reliable (I have every confidence in the VDH Products systems and in our long-term cooperation).”

Active promotion
Van der Merwe says, “We recommend VDH products to others, of course. One reason is that we share the same vision, and VDH has confidence in us as a preferred supplier. That’s hugely important to me. VDH Products has a wonderful product in the PROBA series.”

“FF Cooling & Engineering is proud to be associated with VDH!”

FF Cooling & Engineering
26 Chillwan Crescent
Helderberg Industrial Park, Strand
T: +27 21 845 4231
I:  www.

Contact Jacco Smid,
telephone number+31(0)50 3028900

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