About us

VDH Products has been a one of the world’s leading manufacturers for more than 40 years of accurate control systems in all situations where temperature, pressure and relative humidity are critical parameters.

VDH Products is known for the innovativeness and reliability of its solutions, combined with the high quality of its products.

Reliability and quality

Throughout the years, VDH Products has grown to become an authority on high-tech measuring instruments and measuring systems. VDH Products keeps the development and production very much on a tight rein. Why? Because VDH Products makes no concessions whatsoever when it comes to reliability and durability. That is why just as much attention is paid to a simple thermometer, sensor, timer or interface as to the complete control unit for a specific application.

Quality and innovation

The mechanical and electronic instruments are delivered to customers in many different sectors throughout the world. Whether they are in the foodstuffs industry, the transport sector or process technology: choosing VDH Products guarantees you top quality measuring instruments and control systems. VDH Products knows your market and is aware of the dynamics and the technological challenges in it.

VDH Products invests a great deal in research and development, as well as in the latest production equipment and technology. Thanks to the extensive know-how at VDH Products, we can advise you about the correct instrumentation, systems and components for complete accuracy and reliability.

The first choice in many sectors

Solutions from VDH Products are used in e.g. the following branches:

  • Refrigeration and climate technology
  • Agriculture and market gardening
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Spraying booths
  • Fruit ripening and storage/preservation
  • Baking technology
  • Process technology and machine building
  • Heating and ventilation technology


VDH Products has its own excellent Research & Development department. Our highly-qualified hardware and software engineers are able to use the most modern systems and dedicated software to develop our own printed circuits, embedded software, casings and front panels.
A large number of tests are carried out in our own laboratory, which has a climate-controlled area and EMC testing equipment. The ISO-certified production process operates using fixed, controllable procedures. VDH Products can also rely on having the right experience when it comes to CE directives.

Worldwide dealer network

As well as its headquarters in Roden, VDH Products also has its own branch in Germany and it has built up a global network of dealers and preferred suppliers over the years.

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